A Pretty Gay Reunion


*rubs hands together*

And here we go again – updating time. Right, let’s pick the story up from Saturday shall we?

I met up with Jocelyn on Saturday in the afternoon around 4 ish for a late lunch/early dinner appointment where we ate at Ichiban Boshi at Plaza Singapura. Was not really in an eating mood so did not have much. The reason why we were in the mall in the first place was because I was there to add another Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen figure to my collection from Movie Replica. And this time it is Jolt, the Chevrolet Volt. Will post pictures once I have taken them tomorrow during the day.

So then we walked around in town, went and looked at the new mall, Ion – was big, another Paragon. Big brands, big spaces, many people, few buyers. Walked around a bit more and eventually sent her off at Dhoby Ghaut station where she headed back to Hougang and I made my way to Chinatown. Once there, I slowly, painstakingly made my way to Backstage as it was only 11pm and the guys – Jason and Maize – were only gonna reace 45 minutes later.

Time. Did. Not. Move.

After a lifetime, they finally showed up and we had one drink there, and it was sufficient to make us tipsy. I mean, all of us were not in in the scene for close to a month. Jason and I were in Europe and Maize, well, he doesn’t really venture to the playgrounds without us. So that meant us strutting our stuff, sashaying, bitching, laughing, rolling our way to Tantric. And there was when we hit PARTY MOOD. Let’s see, a few Gin Tonics, a few Long Island Teas and we were shaking our sorry asses all over the dance floor. Was much needed, actually, the reunion. Laughed a lot, went down the emotional road occassionally, hugged a lot, and well, you know, after 5 long years after knowing them, I must say I’m really glad to have them as my closest friends, among some. I don’t have many friends, but the few that I have ROCK MY WORLD.

Had supper at 4:30am at a nearby 24hour Indian stall (read: I was not very happy). But hunger beckons fatty food. We finally made our way back home at 5:30am, where Jason and I shared a cab and he dropped me off at Shelford. I showered with eyes half open and woke up the next day at 9:00pm. Yes people, you read right. I slept and woke up at NIGHT.

And that my avid readers, was my Saturday.

Till next time.

“Friendship is certainly the finest balm for the pangs of disappointed love.” – Jane Austen, ‘Northanger Abby’


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