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Tuesday Shenanigans

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Tueday was great! Surprising, isn’t it, it being a weekday and all. But hell, it was smashing! Met Jason in town to shop at Emporio Armani (what else right?) as the new Fall/Winter Collection 09 is in. And O-M-G, the designs and variety are to DIE FOR. In our opinion, I think this is the biggest variety in a collection by far, which of course, translated into – so much apparels to get, so little money. *sigh* Well, of course if I were to splurge on everything I wanted there and then, I would have easily spent, what, 1500, at one go? *pulls collar for more air* But….. ye shall not be deterred! A collection usually lasts 4 to 5 months, and well, by then I can slowly get all that I want… Bit by bit.

Anyhoo, I bought 2 T-shirts (for now, will collect more… grrr) and an underwear. Pictures below:

Front view. Back view: plain black

Front view. Back view: plain black

Back view. Front view: plain white

Back view. Front view: plain white


Tada! The 3 items = one euphoric gay man. And then comes collateral damage – $420. *gulps* But I paid $300 nett as I had the $120 voucher from my pseudo birthday! Oh well, as Jimmy James once said in his track, Fashionista

“Beauty has a price!”

Soon after, we slacked a bit for coffee at Forum’s Coffee Bean till about 7. He handed me something that I was so looking forward to have!


That’s riiiiiight! Mylene Farmer’s latest album!!! Point de Suture! For those who need to be filled, she is the equivalent of the French Madonna. Big on the pop scene, huge gay icon, great music, gread dancing. An idol. Full stop. Music in the current album is a tad on the emotional side, and of course judging by the album cover, is also rather dark. morbid and sattirical. Album cover is an inspiration from Al Pacino’s sentence in the 1993 film Carlito’s Way, “All the stitches of the world cannot sew us again”. Deep.

Then we headed to Forbidden City (Indochine) at Clarke Quay. Apparently, the whole venue was booked to host the result show of Asia’s first Online Reality Show – The MBA Challenge. It’s a competition where 16 contestants battle their wits and intellect and pit strategic ideals and solutions to emerge as the top champion gaining the ultimate prize – a $25 000 MBA Scholarship by Kaplan University. And…. I am proud to announce that the winner is one of besties! Congratulations Maize! Am extremely proud of you. Now we can gladly welcome you to the life of students. And well, with that comes tons of free food (think crab claws, stuffed drumlets, duck skin spring rolls, golden wontons, shrimp pastries) and free drinks! Well, being avid patrons of Backstage and Tantric, which incidentally serves house pours by the double shot for the price of a single shot – $10, every other housepour that every other bar/club serves would, by definition, be C.R.A.P.P.Y. Solution – had red wine instead. And, mind you, by the bottle load. I lost count how bottles we had. Honestly. We drank from about 8:00pm till 01:00am. Nope, you didn’t misread. Was great, nothing but red wine, cigarettes and your 2 besties as company! Then we headed to good ol’ MacDonalds to stuff our faces yet again with Big Macs, before going BACK AGAIN to drink more red wine till 3:00am. Yes, people, we are decadent. On a Tuesday night! Tsk tsk. We were sloshed, but surprisingly, none of us had any hangovers the next day!

Hail protector of all drunk decadent young, pretty Asian men!

P.S. – Oh, by the way, Maize, Jason and I received this cute bear from Kaplan.


P.P.S. – how’s that for a post?!

“I myself am made entirely of flaws, stitched together with good intentions.” – Augusten Burroughs, ‘Magical Thinking’


A Dollar For Mayo

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Wish I had something more substantial to blog about. But unfortunately, I don”t. What a bummer. Sigh.

Just really, a quick update : went out with Jason and Amanda on Saturday for dinner at Yotei and then as per customary processes, drinks at Backstage and Tantric. Crowd was good, drinks, aweseome, didn’t flirt at all. Ever since 15th June (per agreement), Jason and I are really on our best behaviour. Someone should give us a medal.


Like, now.

Oh, the only thing that I can really harp on is that, when we went to our usual supper hang out, we ordered lemon chicken rice. And so, we asked for mayonnaise to go with our fries, and guess what? We were charged with A DOLLAR! Since time immemorial (OK, I exaggerate, since 5 years), we have NEVER paid for our sauces and all of a sudden, UNNECESSARY COST incurred.

I know it might sound petty since it’s only a buck, but hey, we’re regulars! And we’ve never been charged so unjustiedly! Boycot will be in session soon. Even a normal cup of tea with milk in a regular Kopitiam costs less! The unfairness of it all!!!! *shakes fists in disbelief to higer being in the sky*

I shall bring my own bottle of Kraft Mayonnaise next time around. Just you wait!


MERCHANT, n. One engaged in a commercial pursuit. A commercial pursuit is one in which the thing pursued is a dollar.