A Dollar For Mayo


Wish I had something more substantial to blog about. But unfortunately, I don”t. What a bummer. Sigh.

Just really, a quick update : went out with Jason and Amanda on Saturday for dinner at Yotei and then as per customary processes, drinks at Backstage and Tantric. Crowd was good, drinks, aweseome, didn’t flirt at all. Ever since 15th June (per agreement), Jason and I are really on our best behaviour. Someone should give us a medal.


Like, now.

Oh, the only thing that I can really harp on is that, when we went to our usual supper hang out, we ordered lemon chicken rice. And so, we asked for mayonnaise to go with our fries, and guess what? We were charged with A DOLLAR! Since time immemorial (OK, I exaggerate, since 5 years), we have NEVER paid for our sauces and all of a sudden, UNNECESSARY COST incurred.

I know it might sound petty since it’s only a buck, but hey, we’re regulars! And we’ve never been charged so unjustiedly! Boycot will be in session soon. Even a normal cup of tea with milk in a regular Kopitiam costs less! The unfairness of it all!!!! *shakes fists in disbelief to higer being in the sky*

I shall bring my own bottle of Kraft Mayonnaise next time around. Just you wait!


MERCHANT, n. One engaged in a commercial pursuit. A commercial pursuit is one in which the thing pursued is a dollar.


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